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Liposomal Delivery Systems in Cancer Therapy

Lipid-based drug delivery systems are novel drug carriers that can be applied to various cancer-targeted therapies with multiple superiorities. This video briefly introduces various types of liposomes, the principles of liposomal drug delivery systems for cancer therapy, and liposome development services and products provided by Creative Biolabs.

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, the Next Generation Cancer Therapy

Immune checkpoints, acting as homeostatic regulators of the immune system, are essential for maintaining immune tolerance. In tumor microenvironment (TME), tumor cells "hijack" the inhibitory mechanisms to avoid being eliminated. Immunotherapies that block these checkpoints have marked a revolution in the treatment of cancer and immunological diseases. Creative Biolabs offers immune checkpoint inhibitor preclinical development services, covering antibodies, small molecule compounds, and peptides.


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